High School

Students of classes 6 to 10 who enter the portals of the Senior School are encouraged to work on their own with guidance and scaffolding provided by highly qualified and efficient staff. The students are groomed to be independent. Classes 9 and 10 make up for the senior most classes, academics become more structured. The syllabus followed is laid down by the ICSE Council.

Two streams are offered in class 9 and 10 viz: Science and Commerce. The school has a Counseling session in place to help students and parents make the right decision.

The core and additional subjects in the two streams are as follows:

Core and Additional Subjects

Language studies (Kannada, English and Hindi), Mathematics, Science and Technology, Environmental Science, Social Sciences (History, Geography), General Knowledge, Computer Application, Value Education, Practical Study.

Co-Curricular Activities

Yoga, Mass drill, Martial Arts – Karate, Tae Kwan Do, Physical Education, Fine Arts and SUPW, Gardening, Public speaking.

Extra-curricular activities

Performing arts (Dramatics, Music and Dance), Sports and Games, Excursion and field trips.

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