About Foundation

"Any organization that stands still and doesn't innovate - stops growing, remains backward and eventually withers away". This has been the core belief that lies at the heart of development here at NIIPUC.

We are inspired by the future and are on an awesome journey to make college education truly relevant for our students. We strive continually to change, update and equip ourselves to meet the needs of the students of present and of the next generation.

This implies that NIIPUC has the constant need to develop and refine the education, curriculum and facilities that we are offering. As a part of this initiative, NIIPUC is committed to including a research lab and state of the art teaching and administrative facilities and is committed to accommodate boarding students in single rooms and provide all boarding students with en-suite accommodation.

It is our faith and belief that NIIPUC’s name should be synonymous with high quality in education and further to enhance its global reputation for excellence.

‘An abode of nature’ - Nalanda campus is present in the vicinity of river Cauvery spreading over 50 acres of lush green ambiance.

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