Admission Guidelines

Discipline is a pre-requisite for the development of any institution. No example of continuous progress without complete disciplinary spirit can be found anywhere. Keeping this in view the students of NIIPUC are, therefore, expected to maintain a code of conduct as per the mentioned laws and orinances.

General Information

  • Every student is issued an identity card by the college immediately after admissions which he/she is expected to carry while in college at all times. Entry to the college shall in no circumstances be allowed without the identity card.
  • It is expected that the students do not indulge in boisterous behavior in the class rooms and corridors. They are required to maintain perfect silence in the areas marked as "SILENCE ZONE"
  • Smoking in the college premises is strictly prohibited
  • The students are not permitted to carry mobile phones to the college campus.
  • Any consfiscated items will be returned with the due payement of Rs 1000 at the end of academic year.
  • Any college event and/or get-together may not be held without prior approval of the Principal.
  • No club or society can be formed without the prior approval of the Principal

Student Rules and Regulations of NIIPUC

  • Students to report to college before/by 8.50 am.
  • College assembly should follow the protocol and decorum of the institution.
  • High Discipline is to be ensured in the NIIPU College.
  • Students to abide by the uniform /dress code on scheduled days and for all functions.
  • All are to speak in official language inside the college campus.
  • All boys must trim their hair neatly. Girls must tie their hair neatly with black hair bands.
  • Students leave is to be sanctioned except in unavoidable circumstances in which case the application to reach the office after joining the classes.
  • All applications for leave shall be addressed the college Principal by the parent or guardian by filling the leave application format.
  • During working hours no student shall leave the classroom without the permission of the lecturer concerned.
  • Permission to leave the college premises during working hours can be granted by the college Principal on producing a letter of request from the parent or guardian on genuine reason.
  • Every student maintains 80% of the attendance in all the subjects as per the PUE board regulations.
  • Talking, running, bullying, shouting, roaming in the corridors of the college building and also in the entire premises is strictly prohibited. If you violate this rule fine to be imposed.
  • College Principal is free to inform the parents about indiscipline, irregular attendance, disobedience, unpunctuality, habitual idleness, and disrespect to the teaching & Non-teaching staff, bad more influence to other student.
  • Students are instructed to take great care in handling laboratory apparatus, library books and computer peripherals of the college; in case it is damaged necessary penalty will be initiated.
  • No students should damage any college materials and no inscriptions to be put up on the walls, tables and desks and if found indulged in such activity the concerned student or the whole student community will share the damage.
  • The scholar has to carry his/her essential notebooks, practical records and language textbooks to college as per the timetable.

Fee Structure

  • NIIPUC offers quality education at a reasonable cost.
  • Fee structure will be displayed on the college notice board.
  • Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  • Students are advised to check the college notice board with regard to admissions.

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