Halls of Utility

Digital Class Room


In coherence with our contemporary needs the School curriculum is much focused and multidimensional in redesigning the student’s behavioral pattern and intellectual growth. Digitalization and globalization are converging today to redefine school education.

In Nalanda, from std.III to PU College all classrooms are equipped with digital teaching system with Educom smart boards.

Multipurpose Auditorium

A well ventilated, multipurpose Auditorium provides a versatile, elegant and functional space for assemblies, concerts, lectures and gatherings of all kinds. A variety of indoor games are also hosted in the spacious indoor auditorium.

Open Air Auditorium

The multi-purpose open-air auditorium, which is the focal point for performing arts and programmes within the College. This venue is also used for presentations, meetings, rehearsals and assemblies.

Visitors Lounge

The College lounge for visitors is conducive to relax while they wait to meet the concerned College authorities. The administrative staff ensures that visitors feel comfortable and are well attended by providing required assistance to the visitors.

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