House System

The school’s house program provides opportunities for students and teachers to join together in a variety of fun learning activities throughout the academic year that encourage a strong spirit of sportsmanship.

The various academic, athletic and service-oriented activities encourage individual responsibility, a sense of pride and a deep appreciation for teamwork.

NGIPS has FOUR houses:

Hibiscus Freesia Tulip Daffodil

These houses are represented in 4 colors. Also, there is a WHITE HOUSE which is headed by the Principal, Academic Coordinators, Physical education trainers and the Event-coordinator.

At the commencement of the school academic year, students democratically elect the House Captains and House Animators. House points are awarded to encourage students to work for the benefit of others and to promote individual excellence and collective responsibility and identity.

In addition to routine activities, special competitions are organized throughout the year and House points are given to each entrant and to the winners. At the end of the year, House points are consolidated and a trophy is presented to the House with the most accumulated points.

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