Performing Arts

At NGIPS, we encourage each and every student to pursue a balanced co-scholastic activity; We strive to build self-confidence through the performance of various skills in a progressive manner.


We at NGIPS provide training in vocal and musical instruments through highly qualified in-house music staff who has completed the eighth grade in Vocal at Thames University London(UK). Instruments are assigned to children as per their interests and regular club activity classes ensure an eventual mastery of the instrument. A wide range of instruments is available for the students to choose from, including Guitars, Drums, Keyboard.Students learn singing by trained professionals of Indian Classical and Western Genres. The school also has a Choir Group. Indian Classical and Contemporary dance forms are also taught by both in-house and visiting professional trainers.

Music is a part of the required course for every student of our school, from class 1 through class 9 as we believe that musical experiences provide tremendous educational benefits.

At NGIPS each student can opt for training in a musical instrument or in vocals class 1 upwards and learns to play that musical instrument all through the year. The students have a choice of getting trained in keyboard, Guitar, Piano or drums.



At NGIPS ample opportunities are given to learn and develop an understanding of both classical and western dance styles. A vibrant team of both in-house and external trainers helps the students develop skills, knowledge and understanding of the various dance forms.



The Literary and Debate Association help students in shedding their inhibitions and enable them to interact with confidence in situations where they have to face a large audience. We provide student the with a wide range of opportunities to pursue their interest in Acting, Directing or Technical skill. The open-air amphitheater with a capacity of 2000 and other excellent facilities helps the students enhance and showcase both academic and extracurricular work.

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